plumber Toronto

plumber Toronto

Undoubtedly, you tend to save money at every key stage of your life to buy a new or old house. Sometimes due to valid reasons, you decide to buy an old property that has been inhabited for thirty or more years.

Lots of concern has to be shown to avoid the worst case scenario. Before you end up paying thousands of dollars for the wreckage caused immediately after shifting, it is important to avoid such circumstances.

Pipes, sewers and drains can require high budget renovations before they are too reliable to shift. So, don’t forget to look into the plumbing aspects of an old house. There are some indications that would suggest whether re-piping is required or not.

Here’s, how to assess your plumbing system and know if replacement is required:

  • Read the home inspection report very carefully when you buy an old house, as it would determine how long you can expect the pipe lines to last.
  • Call a plumber Toronto to thoroughly check the plumbing system and pipe material.
  • Water supplying pipes that bring fresh water to your home are under constant high A small leakage in any pipe can be a signal that rest of the pipes need close inspection. As all pipes are of same age and have undergone same pressure and usage pattern over a longer period, a high possibility rises that soon other pipes would suffer with the same consequences, causing damage to the entire house.
  • Make sure that old pipes are not made of lead as lead piping can leach into the flowing water and can be toxic for the entire family. Although lead pipes have long expectancy, they should be immediately replaced to avoid any health hazard.
  • Get the water checked for lead levels. If exceeding levels are found, it is time to replace the pipes where you have choice to opt for brass, copper or galvanized steel pipes.
  • Check the water from the faucets and bathing tubs of the house. If it is yellow or brown, it indicates that the pipes are rusting, thus the water is mixed with the eroded rust. This calls for a change in the plumbing system.
  • Best way is to check the exposed pipes in the crawl spaces, basement or utility areas. Any kind of discoloration, stains, flaking, dimpling or pimples will call for re-piping. If the pipes underneath have started corroding, it undoubtedly calls for a plumber Toronto for proper inspection.

Nothing lasts forever, including pipes in your houses. As re-piping is a very high budget repair work, it is important to get a reliable and trusted plumber Toronto for right evaluation and advice. You can plan replacements while remodeling the bathrooms or while renovating a particular room.

Copper pipes are highly durable with a warranty of 80 years. They are not prone to leakage, but would cost a lot more. On the contrary PEX (cross linked polyethylene) pipes will cost less with a warranty of 25 years. So ensure spending your savings in a right manner, as a house is undoubtedly an investment for life.

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