Time is money. When you are trying to run a business, you should spend your time on important strategic tasks, and not monotonous administrative tasks such as work scheduling and locating vehicles in the field. This is where field service management software comes to the rescue.

1. It Results in Better Organization

Good field service management software ensures better organization of work schedules for your employees. Some of the things taken into consideration when it comes to work tasks include work locations, job deadlines, job priorities and equipment requirements of different crews. Software is able to consolidate this information and match available crews with various work tasks resulting in better organization for your work crews and freeing up time in your organization for more important tasks such as strategy implementation and business expansion. Leaving the monotonous work to software also lessens work load and stress and increases employee productivity.

2. It Helps Reduce Costs

Hiring an employee for repeat tasks will increase your costs. Switching to software-based administrative management thus reduces costs. Additionally, employee overtime work hours are reduced. The US Department of Labor recently increased overtime pay to include any hours in excess of 40 hours a week. Field technicians are included in this category. This means that you will have to pay workers 1.5 times more than their regular pay for overtime. If you slash the time they spend on admin work then you avoid this increased cost. You are also able to calculate return on investment and employee productivity using field service management software which means you can highlight areas of low-productivity and work on them for the benefit of the company.

3. It helps Reduce Waste and Downtime

Field management software highlights the shortcomings that your business has, giving you an opportunity to work on them to better business performance. Using the software you can track employee downtime, the time they spend in the field and their success rate. You can also forecast business growth based on past and current statistics which helps in the planning process.

This is especially true for small and growing businesses whose time should be spent figuring out revenue leakages in the business and how to save costs and make more money to grow the business. If you are just starting out in business and think that you do not need field service management software, guess again.

4. It Helps to Build a Better Relationship Between you and your Customers

Software will consolidate information on your customers. You are able to determine the customers you are most in contact with and the ones who have been out of reach. This gives you an opportunity to identify any possible problems between the company and these companies and come up with solutions that will strengthen the relationship.

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